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Rehabilitation Process:


Rehabilitation Therapy is a very important part of the entire process of healing after undergoing an amputation. Your treatment doesn’t end when fit with a prosthesis. We provide guidance and proper practice in order to restore mobility and quality of life. We work very closely with your physician and physical/occupational therapist to ensure that you undergo proper post operative care and prosthetic rehabilitation therapy.


After you are fitted with a prosthetic leg or arm, we will help you use it efficiently by guiding you through the activities most important to you. A prosthetic limb does not have a mind of its own. You have to train it and treat it as an extension of your limb, so that you can do things easily. We help you learn to control your movements, extend your area of expertise and provide you with vigilant care, so that you can utilize your prosthesis to the best of your abilities.

Our Services

After helping you initially with your prosthesis, we direct you towards an efficient physical therapist who helps you with the rest of the recovery. We also keep our facilities and training equipments available for our patients at all times.

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If you have any queries regarding our practice or how we can help you, fill out our Patient form or Practitioner form, and we will get back to you with answers. We are here to help however we can.

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